SWJATOWYD - one of the most famous ukrainian music groups!    Originality on a high and professional musical Level.

A very special and enjoyable Music. Lively Folkmusic, presented on acoustic Instruments and completed by the perfection of ukrainian Musicians..

The Music is warm and stimulating

relaxing your heart and soul.

The Program is filled with Folkmusic from different Regions of Eastern– and Western–Europe, Russian and Gypsy Romances as well as Popmusic of the 20th Century. The Summary of all those Styles is Swjatowyd.

These many different Styles allow Swjatowyd to do chamber – concerts, Festivals, Contests, Presentations and many other things, such as Family – Celebrations as well.

For now over 10 Years Swjatowyd has international success.

They´ve played Concerts and Festivals in Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Spain and Poland.

The Ensemble consists of:

2 Violins, Accordion, Bass and Vocals. An Extension by Viola, Sopilka and Zimbel is possible.

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